70% of cyclists who ride more than 2 times a week and need visual correction are not equipped with sports glasses because their opticians have not offered them anything!

We have conducted a questionnaire among the cycling community to know their habits and the equipment they really wear during their bike rides: The results are edifying! The needs are important (comfort, performance and safety) and the proposed solutions are not up to the expectations of the athletes while there are real technical and affordable solutions...

The current offer is weak and inadequate!

The offers currently proposed by the majority of opticians do not meet the needs of athletes for several reasons:

  • General lack of knowledge of the "sports eyewear" offer. Niche market, really? While the practice of sports explodes everywhere in Europe...
  • Impossible to make special cuts with conventional edging machine on the market.
  • The Optical Clip: The false good solution that practitioners adopt out of spite.
  • The corrective programs of sports eyewear brands are very good solutions, but the prescription ranges are too limited and the models too few.
  • Public prices are considered dissuasive by consumers.
  • The proposed solutions are not taken into account by the Health Insurance and the Mutuelles.


Notre Concept !

Our 20 years of technical expertise in sports and sun lenses have enabled us to develop our own corrective solutions compatible with the models offered by the leading sports eyewear brands. The use of Full Digital surfacing technology combined with "Thin Edge Design" lens edge thinning algorithms allows us to offer the widest range of prescriptions on the market:

+6.00 to -7.00 (Cyl: -4.00) combined powers

You now have all the cards in hand to develop the sports eyewear business in your store and become the preferred contact for sports clubs and athletes in your area!

What we offer:

  • RX solutions compatible with all major brands of sports eyewear.
  • The widest range of lenses on the market, covering 99% of prescriptions.
  • Ultra-technical products exclusive to METAOPTICS: the Progressive Monoscreen
  • Affordable prices for most people and eligible for social security and mutual insurance reimbursement for part of the range.

Being an optician partner with METAOPTICS means being able to enjoy :

  • A range of sports lenses registered with the Health Insurance in category B.
  • The availability of the electronic catalog Opto11 and Optimeyes to be integrated into your management and billing software.
  • A catalog of compatible frames in perpetual evolution.
  • The possibility to submit new models and participate in the expansion of the offer.
  • The development of new products that cannot be found in the manufacturer's corrective programs (e.g.: progressive corrective monoscreens).
  • The referencing of your store on our site thanks to the geolocation module of our partners.



Place your orders directly by sending us the completed order form to the email address : contact@metaoptics.vision 


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