Customize your own sports glasses!

Put on corrective lenses adapted to your sport or replace your current lenses!

1-4-picto_quality.svg Quality All our lenses benefit from Full Digital Free Form and Thin Edge Design technologies, which combine very high manufacturing precision, the comfort of use, and speed of adaptation.
1-8-picto_france.svg Made in France All corrective and replacement lens solutions are developed in-house by our research and development team in our laboratory in Normandy.
1-12-picto_experience.svg Experience We have more than 20 years of experience in developing sports eyewear for the biggest brands and working closely with the most demanding athletes.
1-16-picto_precision.svg Precision & innovation We have developed and patented our own solution for taking measurements on sports glasses and sunglasses using algorithms used in medical image processing. This technology is unique in the world!

METAOPTICS, the only online optician expert in sports eyewear, compatible with 99% of prescriptions!

With more than 20 years of experience in high-performance sports eyewear, the designers of the METAOPTICS program wanted to make available to everyone the advanced optical technology developed for professional athletes. From now on, it is possible to personalize your own sports glasses with your visual correction whatever their brand and model.


The METAOPTICS concept

Discover the METAOPTICS concept, the first corrective programme compatible with all brands of sports glasses and for 99% of prescriptions.

Photochromic lenses: The ultimate solution?

To meet all the needs of athletes, a type of lens has established itself in the sports eyewear landscape in recent years: PHOTOCHROMIC 0-3 lenses!

« METAOPTICS, the Vision of Sport Performance »

Quality & Precision

Because we use the best available technology and develop all our products ourselves with the greatest attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process, you get the best optical solutions for sports eyewear on the market. It is the result of this demand that we want to make available to as many sportsmen and women as possible.

Innovative technology

We use the best technology available: THIN EDGE DESIGN (TED). This algorithm is based on geometries developed for new generation progressive lenses and allows us to recalculate and reduce the thickness of high-power lenses. It is thanks to TED that we can offer you the widest range of prescriptions in the world! Just like our measurement calculator, if the solution doesn't exist yet, we'll develop it!

Eco responsibility

As part of our commitment to reducing waste, we strongly encourage you to reuse your sports glasses and equip them with lenses that fit your eyes. Not only will you be doing something for our beautiful little blue planet, but you will also be saving money. If you don't have any sports glasses yet, follow our advice to equip yourself.

Consumer feedback: Why we are launching METAOPTICS

I ride ultra-distance and at night. Being short-sighted, I can't see anything without glasses.

I finally opted for 1 pair of photochromic glasses during the day but without seeing well and 1 pair of glasses correcting my myopia for the night but not adapted to sports.

Philippe, 48 years old, Annecy

I opted for Julbo clip-in lenses but I can't use them because of the fog.

Thierry, 34 years old, La Selle sur le Bied

My optician never mentioned sports glasses to me. When I brought up the subject, he told me it wasn't possible with my correction. He suggested a clip-on to add to my glasses.

Stéphanie, 37 years old, La Rochelle

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