METAOPTICS offers you the possibility of fitting your sports glasses to your eyesight. Our corrective programme is compatible with 99% of all prescriptions. Whatever your correction, we have a solution for you.

Enjoy total customisation of your corrective lenses. Our range of lenses allows you to choose from a multitude of possibilities, tinted, photochromic, polarized, with or without mirror, anti-fog or anti-reflective coatings and much more!

I don't have a sports frame, what do I do? METAOPTICS does not sell any frames. To make up for this, we have opticians and partner sports shops where you can go to buy a sports frame. There is bound to be one near you!

How do I order corrective lenses on the METAOPTICS website?

1 – Find the frame you own.

2 – Configure your glasses according to your needs and desires.

3 – Create your customer account and pay for your order.

4 – You receive an SMS with a link to take the optical measurements on our web-app.

5 – On our web-app, you have 3 photos to take according to the instructions on your smartphone screen. The 4th photo is a photo of your prescription.

6 – Validation of optical measurements by our optician.

7 – Manufacture of your glasses and delivery of your order directly to your home.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at