METAOPTICS is proud to present METASPORT SWIM, the first swim goggles that are compatible with 99% of prescriptions.

A collection of 5 models is now available, including 1 children's size, 1 adult size (available in 3 colours) and 1 large adult size.

As always, we offer you a complete customisation of your lenses for your swimming goggles, with for the first time, the possibility to have photochromic lenses! Quite practical when swimming in the sea.

But that's not all, METAOPTICS offers us another innovation, the anti-fog treatment. No more sprays or other products to reactivate the anti-fog of your glasses. On METASPORT SWIM frames, the anti-fog is permanent!

METASPORT SWIM glasses are available now. Contact us by email at and our team will be happy to answer you and send you all the necessary information.