Almost a year ago, we launched METAOPTICS with the main objective of making sports eyewear accessible to everyone, regardless of your correction.

In order to help us develop, we have decided to open a participatory investment campaign!

We have chosen the royalty financing model proposed by the WE DO GOOD platform: by investing €10, €100, €1,000..., you will receive a percentage of our turnover every three months for 5 years. This will allow you to have a return of + 100% in 5 years, in other words, you will get back twice your initial investment. It can even go further if we exceed our objectives!

But that's not all! As we want to share our passion for sport with you, each investor will receive a gift card (proportional to the amount invested) in order to enjoy our products at reduced prices (or to share them with friends and family), and become a METAOPTICS ambassador. You will find the details in the presentation by clicking here:

Rendez-vous sur WEDOGOOD !