After almost 20 years of expertise spent in sports eyewear and prescription sunglasses, for various companies in the optical and sports sectors, our two founders came to a simple conclusion:

Although there are RX programs for sports eyewear with some major sports brands, this option is very little known and disseminated by opticians to their customers. The result is that athletes fall back on solutions that are poorly adapted to their needs or wear their daily glasses to practice their sport.

Respectively, optician product developer in sports and sunglasses for major sports brands and engineer for a major company of sunglasses for sports brands, our founders decided to remedy the problem by focusing on "sports glasses with prescription". To do this, two approaches were identified:

  • To address sportsmen directly via our online sales site.
  • To develop our optical products, compatible with the brands and models the most used in sports.


We have listened to the sportsmen and women, and after an extensive research and development phase, we are now able to give access to products initially developed for competition. Thanks to our innovative and often exclusive products, athletes can find the products they need, regardless of their level of practice, their sport, and their correction.

(The corrective program is compatible with 99% of prescriptions)

These in-house developments have enabled us to reduce costs and thus make them affordable to the greatest number of people. We have therefore worked with Health Insurance to register us as a manufacturer and thus make some of our lenses eligible for Social Security reimbursement, which also entitles you to reimbursement by your mutual insurance company. To complete this, we have set up a 3X payment system.

By relying on a wide range of branded frames and at very attractive prices, we now allow our customers to find single vision lenses compatible with models from brands such as Oakley, Bollé, Julbo, POC, ... Products that some of these brands are currently unable to offer..


We propose to our customers :

  • An innovative and unique solution
  • An eco-responsible solution that allows them to reuse their sports glasses by equipping them with their vision.
  • A local solution because we develop and manufacture our products in Normandy.

Our concept: METAOPTICS

META means to go beyond what already exists, a deep and continuous reflection towards change, perpetual improvement.

OPTICS represents all the devices to improve the visual performance of the sportsman.

METAOPTICS, in its search for continuous improvement of visual devices for sports eyewear, perfects and enhances existing solutions and creates those that do not yet exist...