Mesures optiques

To make lenses to the sight of a person, the correction must be perfectly in front of pupils. This depends on the physical data of the person, the glasses, and this regardless of the medical prescription.

To carry out the optical measurements, it is necessary to know 4 data:

  • The ½ pupillary distances of the left and right eyes.
  • The heights between the pupils and the bottom of the lens for the left eye and the right eye.

If the ½ pupillary distance is data specific to each individual but also on the frame he wants to equip.

Etape 2

To achieve an optimal measurement, we have created a Web-Application that (by taking 4 pictures and after submitting them to our calculation engine) will allow us to obtain the required data for each individual.

But for this data to be reliable, the photo must be taken in a certain way.

How do you prepare to take measurements?

  • Ask someone to assist you: he or she will have to take the pictures because selfies do not give good results.
  • Gather your glasses, your social security card (white side), your prescription.
  • Stand in front of a bright, uniform wall/background.
  • Shoot in daylight to avoid artificial lighting and shadows.

You will be asked to take a series of 4 photos:

  1. With your sports frame
  2. Without glasses and with the card on the chin
  3. Without anything
  4. Your prescription or order/li>

What attitude to adopt?/p>

  • Stand up straight, relaxed.
  • Place your line of sight on the horizon, straight ahead. Look "beyond" the camera, without looking up or down.
  • Keep the same head carriage for each of the 3 pictures!

What attitude for the photographer?

  • Place the camera at the same height as the subject's face.
  • Face the subject: make sure both ears are visible.
  • Move forward or backward so that the subject's face fills the entire frame. Do not use the camera's zoom!
Etape 3

Don't hesitate to do it again if you are not satisfied with the pictures.

Once all the photos are received on our server, we use our calculation engine to extract the optical data needed to create your lenses.

If the photos do not allow us to obtain the optical measurements, our optician will contact you to guide you to take the photos sufficiently.