Why e-commerce?

Because very few opticians have developed the know-how to fit your prescription on the sports glasses you have chosen to wear. We are not ready to accept the fatality of "my prescription is too complicated to put it on a pair of sports glasses...". We have therefore decided to take things in hands and to offer the entire community of sportsmen and women solutions that are compatible with the models of the main eyewear sports brands! As we wish to democratize the distribution of our products, only an e-commerce site enables us to offer you these solutions, wherever you are!

⇒ 99% of the prescriptions are feasible in sports glasses!

Why don't online opticians offer these solutions?

Because you can't compromise on quality, the measurements needed to make your glasses must be done and done well. This is true for your everyday glasses with clear or photochromic lenses, but it is even more true when it comes to sports glasses.  

Most of the online eyewear retailers have enough with a rough measurement of the total pupillary distance and do not perform measurements of the ½ distances and heights that are essential to the quality of your vision.

⇒ The respect of the optician's know-how thanks to our measurement software, unique in the world, enabling the measurement of ½ deviations and heights through sunglasses!

Why don't we sell frames?

Because the "greenest" pair in the World is the one you don't have to buy again! It's the one you already own and, because you take good care of it, it can last for many more years.

However, if you are one of the majority of athletes who have been told "sorry, but we can't do anything with your correction...", it is very likely that you do not have "real" sports glasses. Take a look at the page we've made to help you choose your future glasses and visit your local eyewear retailer to help you choose. It's always best to try on eyewear before you buy it. Comfort is not a question of aesthetics!  

⇒ Be eco-responsible, change your lenses by reusing your frames!